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The Landlady

The call of history

"That’s it! The new Zum Riesen is the challenge of my life, in a way I always knew it.  Now I’m about to make the big leap.

For myself, my three sisters, and my brother, hotel life has always been a normal thing. Earlier my aunt Mali was running the house, and then my mom Emmy took over. There has always been a strong female presence in the house.
It was clear that someone from our generation was meant to take over at some point. Now it’s my turn…

This wouldn’t have been possible without my sister Sylvia.  She’s an excellent architect and she has a massive background of restoration of listed buildings.

If you can listen and observe well enough, the Riese (Giant) tells many stories.
During the restoration work many things came to the daylight, many more will we discover with our guests, and add to the book of this passionate story.

My vision of the Riesen: I see the house like a historic refuge for people who are in search of an ideal arrival point for their soul, mind and body."


Alexandra dell'Agnolo

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