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The Stube

This is where the heart beats

The Stube with its traditionally cladded walls and heavy wooden tables, dates back to around 1750, as the ceiling fresco is.

In the late 70s of the last century, when the guesthouse of Tarres was located in the rooms of the basement, the Stube was functioning as a meeting venue, gathering room and was effectively the heart of communication in the village. Obviously there was a heavy male predominance.

The inn was particularly busy on the 10th of October of every year, when the farmers of the close-by Ultimo Valley started their pilgrimage through the pass of Tarres to the Riesen. Here they would sleep, playing cards in the evenings, whilst flirting with the girls of the village. A lucky time for some - the ones who would find the love of their life - unlucky for those who would lose all of their money gambling. The next day the farmers would continue their pilgrimage passing by Laces to St. Martin am Kofl, to finally return to the Ultimo Valley the next day. Plenty of time to either do penance for their sins or to pray for a happy future with their newly found loved ones.

Still to this day you get the feeling that important stuff happens in the Stube. Just like our breakfast, or learning to play cards.

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