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The Village Square of Tarres

It’s pretty obvious that it’s not exactly what it used to be. Yet, in a way, it’s still like it used to be. Standing on the small balcony of the aunt room, we observe life going by: an old man with a blue apron crosses the square. Schoolkids, the post man, two women doing their shopping and a car with a foreign number plate driving by slowly.

We find ourselves on a double balcony: Tarres is located on the big debris mound of Monte Tramontana, the forest reaches right into the Village. From here we see the whole valley to the east and west, including the parish of Laces, which also includes Tarres with its 700 inhabitants.

Tarres is a peaceful village in the middle of the fields and orchards of the Venosta Valley. We live at the rhythm of nature, and exactly the same we offer to our guests: activities within a dream landscape. Considering we are a small community, we offer an extraordinary amount of activities: the parochial church of San Michele, the church of St. Karpophorus, the little church of San Medardo. All the signs for centrality and importance of a pilgrimage stop.

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