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Guesthouse Pizzeria Tarscher Wirt

The perfect place for a rest

Food has been cooked since 1478 here, the sources say. In other words: it must be a great place for a stop.
Great in every way. The road, the area, the quality of the food and the atmosphere.
The secret: the typical bulky wooden hotel furniture from the 70s, including dull and lumpy  decoration, which make other places look heavy and  quirky, have been “camouflaged”  by a layer of colour: elegant cream tones and as a contrast, beige, peaceful, serene and relaxed… both  the furniture and the atmosphere.
Sometimes it reminds us of a cafe with a huge selection of reads: magazines, books and selected newspapers. You can find out for yourself at the Tarscher Wirt with all the peacefulness and with the spirit of a new world.

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