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Cultural Region Venosta Valley

„The best kept secret in Alto Adige“

The Venosta Valley is "the best kept secret in Alto Adige", some say. One of the secrets … even if it’s not always been like this: castles and fortified boroughs, churches and chapels, and the strictly medieval architecture in towns like Glorenza,
tell stories of a Venosta Valley once criss-crossed by merchants and pilgrims.

The Venosta Valley is a sun blessed mountain region surrounded by impressive peaks, dense forests, wide side valleys and a massive valley bed. Once this was the granary of South Tyrol. A long time ago… these days the fruit industry is king: delicious apples, but also pears and the famous Venosta Valley apricots…  and much, much more.

The landscape is written in the eyes of the people who live here. In the wine sector they call it „terroir “: the land and what the land produces, the weather and how long the sun shines for. The Venosta pedigree is a very particular one: close to the land, their native land, with original ideas and the stubbornness they need to make dreams come true. Traditions live, they are carried into our modern reality. Many little artisan businesses are the proof of this: whiskey is distilled in Glorenza, coffee roasted in a Prato allo Stelvio, speck, cheese and bread are produced all over the region,
strictly following ancient artisanal procedures.

The Venosta Valley welcomes its guests with courtesy but also with determination: what was bothering you back home, suddenly falls into the back of your mind, thanks to our energy-rich nature,
making it easy to find peace again, walking tall and with a free mind.
South Tyrol merges Alpine and Mediterranean life styles, a combination that creates something you have never experienced before. Val Venosta carries yet more elements: the “Rhaeto-Romance” and the wind coming from Switzerland. These manage to add even more character to both the language and the people. They say that when we open our mouth, the sound is the same as a cat with a cold. Just listen! Pleased to meet you!

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